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Active and disabled life expectancies were estimated using a markov chain model. The relationship between population infirmity and longevity also. Womens life expectancy exceeded that of men but women lived more years. At age 16, life expectancy and active life expectancy vary across the local populations by as much as 28 and 25 years respectively. Health expectancy indicators world health organization. Active life expectancy, in contrast, takes into account the timing and nature of disability changes, as well as mortality that is hinged to disability, to estimate the years of life expected to be disabledand not disabledfor persons of a given age. Pdf a multistate analysis of active life expectancy. This populationbased indicator extends the concept of health expectancy to the measure of sexuality via sexual activity. Longterm trends in life expectancy and active life expectancy in the united states. Compared with smokers, men and women nonsmokers survived 1.

An index of population health, ale integrates information. A multistate analysis of active life expectancy eurohex. Prevention task force recommends counseling older adults on strategies to reduce falls. When smokers were disabled and close to death, most nonsmokers were still nondisabled. Request pdf dependence and active life expectancy of the elderly population living in the central region of thailand to determine the prevalence and the independent socioeconomic factors with. Possible changes of state over the 1 year between two consecutive interviews. Active life expectancy was shorter for the poor than for. This study clarifies the process by which mortality and disability interact to determine differences in active life expectancy by age, sex, race, and education for the. Pdf active life expectancy of older people in mexico. Get a printable copy pdf file of the complete article 1. Sexually active life expectancy is the average number of years remaining for a person to be sexually active. The measure of active life expectancy provides important. The methods and materials of health expectancy ncbi.

Agerelated changes in functional status can be summarized by active life expectancy ale measures. In this study, active life expectancy is defined as the total number of years that individuals can expect to live without functional limitations e. Active life expectancy was shorter for the poor than for others, and women had a longer average duration of expected dependence than men. Calculation of sexually active life expectancy uses the agespecific prevalence data on sexual activity in conjunction with life table data on survival. Cumulative childhood adversity, educational attainment. Differentials in active life expectancy in the older population of the. Pdf with todays lower mortality rates, longer expectations of life, and new medical technologies, the nations health policy focus has shifted.

For males and females combined, active life expectancy decreased from 26. I active life expectancy of filipino older people accomplished, chronic illnesses are expected to occur only during the last few years oflife. Ale is useful in assessing efforts to improve function and. Smoking, physical activity, and active life expectancy. Healthy life expectancy, mortality, and age prevalence of. Article pdf available in public health reports 1043. Pdf a multistate analysis of active life expectancy researchgate. Active life expectancy ale refers to the number of years of life one can be expected to live without a. Pdf longterm trends in life expectancy and active life. For example, for individuals aged 65, it estimates how many additional years they can expect to live and how many of those years will be. Dependence and active life expectancy of the elderly. The researchers found active life expectancies to decrease from 10. The expected years, or active life expectancy, showed a decrease, from 10 years for those aged 65 to 70 years to 2. Healthy lifewillbe prolongedat a rate greater than that oftotal years oflifeand consequently, the fraction oftotal life that is healthy will increase rogers et al, 1990.

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