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Can you book etihad first class apartment awards online with aadvantage miles. The etihad guest award search is where you will look for availability for your flights and then you will need to call american airlines and book the flights over the phone. The effort is often worth it however, with oneway rates at a reasonable 115,000 and no additional surcharges. Wide open award availability for etihads first apartment. I was saying a couple of weeks ago how i did some research on booking etihad apartments with aa miles and found that i was unable to do so.

I was lucky enough to be able to book one and will share with you my experience. You can actually book awards in the residence using etihad guest miles and awards are plentiful. In early 2019 i wrote about rumors of etihad and united forming a partnership, and possibly even etihad joining star alliance. Enjoy the space of a separate double bedroom, ensuite shower and living room. Book a flight with etihad guest miles etihad guest. If you want to try the etihad first class apartment, have aadvantage miles, and see availability you can use book it now. However, their partnership may be coming to an end soon. The etihad apartment is the most spacious first class cabin bookable with american aadvantage miles. To book etihad airways flights using american airlines miles, your best option is to call american airlines australia.

While ey17 also has space available, this isnt the a380 which means you wont get the. Carried by their massive a380 air bus, the etihad first class apartments features the ultimate in lavish. This post will show you everything you need to know to lock your own trip in before the devaluation. You can read it here, but just know that youre going to have to call australia its just the way its going to have to be. Earning aa miles eqm eqd eqs on ey etihad master thread this thread is about how to book etihad ey award seats using aa aadvantage miles, and sharing success stories. Etihad award space is not bookable on, so you always have to call american airlines to book the space. You will not earn etihad guest miles on reward flights guestseats fare classes n, i. One of the best commercial cabins around is etihad s first apartment. Heres how to book the most luxurious first class seat in the sky, etihad apartment with points. The etihad apartment is one of the most coveted first class seats in the airline industry. Given how hard it is to use aa miles on american, and with bas surcharges rendering them.

Fly in the residence to or from abu dhabi, london, new york, sydney, paris and seoul. Some good news on the american airlines front today is that it is now possible to book etihad awards online, directly with american airlines. How to book etihad first class apartment with points to. For the very latest in how to book these awards, there is a thread on flyertalk that addresses, specifically, booking etihad ey flights with aa miles. Booking etihad first apartment using aadvantage miles. Etihad airlines is the flagship carrier of the united arab emirates and one of the top ranked airlines in the world. Earn american airlines aadvantage miles with our partner airline, etihad airways. Booking aa award travel on etihad ey master thread july. On this trip, i was fortunate enough to redeem some american airlines aadvantage miles prior to the devaluation to book a first class trip from abu dhabi to melbourne on their flagship airbus a380800. Book openseats with etihad airways or any of our partner airlines. As you can see, the above flight, ey19, has two seats available for redemption in guestfirst, which means they are bookable using aadvantage miles. Etihad award space is bookable with american airlines. I will also give you some tips that will help you when you book your redemption.

The very first of its kind for onflight luxury class seating. This guide will walk you through the process of using american miles to book the apartment. The american airlines aadvantage program was previously a favorite for many who had booked etihad first class. Book the only 3room suite in the sky with the residence at etihad airways. Booking award seats on ey etihad airways using aa aadvantage miles also see.

As reported by view from the wing, etihad airways awards for dates within about a month of departure are now bookable on the american airlines website. Im writing this post because i was recently lucky enough to find award availability for a etihad first apartment on their a380 flight from abu dhabi to new york in october. Booking an award for travel on etihad but after some more exploring, along with guidance from experts, i. Using miles to book these seats isnt exactly straightforward, but its not impossible either. Book a flight with etihad guest miles etihad airways. Etihad offers flights with their apartment direct from new yorks jfk to abu dhabi, finding award space can be book now. The space, privacy and service that come with an etihad first apartment flight have made it so popular that booking the seats on award tickets is no longer an easy feat. There were also rumors of an etihad and united partnership. Today, ill list the most uptodate strategies you can use to book an etihad first apartment award ticket. I even saw a few dates with 2 first seats available. American airlines aadvantage has many complex rules involved when redeeming miles for award travel. Aadvantage provides excellent redemption value for premium cabin travel on etihad. Book etihad awards, like the first apartment, online. To fly on the etihad apartment, you will need to book a flight on etihads a380.

For years, aa didnt show etihad availability online, but it does now. The etihad guest program provides the easiest way to book etihad award flights. And etihad airways from the united arab emirates is near the top of that list. How to use american airlines aadvantage aa miles in 2019 to book partner airline flights like qatar etihad business or first class flights. As you can tell from the title theres no point in hiding what the purpose of this post is. When it comes to using american airlines aadvantage miles, it gets so much better than aa flights.

Etihads first class apartment is loaded with an arm chair, couch, full bed, onboard shower, bar, chauffeur service, fine dining, and more. If you try to fly from europe to australia using etihad as your carrier, you will need to book as separate awards for a total of 100,000 miles for first. Your first stop when looking to book an etihad award ticket should be the american airlines website. How to fly the etihad apartment using american miles. The trick to redeeming american miles on etihad one mile.

You can even use your miles to pay for taxes, charges and extras when you book at etihad. As it has been notoriously difficult to find and book these awards you had to book over the phone and us phone agents often do not see space available. While you cant book online with american miles, they also offer a valuable way to book etihad business class. Based in abu dhabi, the airline is not part of any alliance, but they have several partners around the world including american airlines. The number of miles you need to book will reflect the normal market price, so if the flight is on sale, youll need fewer miles. Updated strategies for booking etihad first apartment awards. Its a flight that im incredibly excited about for a. Etihad first class apartments a380 abu dhabi to jfk. The american airlines devaluation date has come and gone, and it has taken some of the best partner redemptions with it. How you can book etihads insane firstclass apartments with miles. There is no doubt etihads a380 first class apartment is one of the best first class experiences in the sky.

We wrote an entire post previously on the best way to book awards with etihad using american airlines miles. You can even use your miles to pay for taxes, charges and extras when you book at, including additional baggage or an extra legroom seat. How to book etihad economy, business and first using points. Travel must be booked roundtrip, and remember if you want to use your korean miles for a family member, you must register him or her beforehand and submit proof of family documents. Start earning miles with our awardwinning programme that rewards you with free flights, upgrades, gifts and so much more. Everything you need to know to book etihads first apartment on the a380 with aa miles. Should the etihad booking go away and god forbid qatar go away too this is a serious devaluation to already seriously useless aa miles.

I used american airlines aadvantage miles to book this redemption. The residence fly in style on the a380 etihad airways. American airlines aadvantage booking aa award travel on etihad ey master thread july 2017 onwards originally posted by anabolism um, ey has a shower available for apartment passengers, as i noted above. The best this about this booking is that it really isnt hard to earn the miles to fly the etihad apartment. Etihad airways has service within the middle east and between the middle east and north america, south america, europe, africa and asia. While it may have seemed outlandish at the time, i think in light of the above this is very possible. The aa australia agents are much more competent and can see almost all of the award space etihad airways releases to partner airlines.

How you can book etihads insane firstclass apartments. You can now book etihad flights with aa miles online. As of may 2019, some etihad awards are available to book online. It is also possible to book etihad first class apartments between londonparis and abu dhabi for 62,500 aa miles each way, which is a good deal in itself and probably more convenient for most readers. Let me know here, on twitter, or in the private milestalk facebook group.

The rates for economy and business class from the us to the middle east with aa miles are great. You may have read about the car service that etihad provides to first class passengers, but that no longer applies to award bookings made with any currency other than etihads own miles. You can still book an apartment starting at 62,500 american miles etihad a380 apartment with american miles. How to book etihad apartment using aa miles travel with leo. How to book etihad flights with american airlines miles.

The good news is, taxes and fees are actually quite low. If you see awards available at this level, you should be able to book the flight using your american aadvantage miles as well for just 62,500 miles each way. Book award travel in premium economy using our new desktop award booking search. Move to the next cabin on american, british airways and iberia flights.

Booking flights on etihad using aa miles is a little more work as it cant be done online. The first apartment with etihad is now just a couple of clicks away now that you can book these etihad awards directly online with american airlines. Earlier today i managed to snag two etihad first class seats from abu dhabi to london by using american airlines aadvantage miles. However, in early 2016, american devalued their award chart and raised award prices. One of the best or at least the most fun ways to spend american airlines aadvantage miles is for travel on the etihad apartment, arguably the worlds best first class experience. Simply enter the details of your trip, along with your cabin of travel, to find out how many etihad guest miles you will earn on etihad airways flights booked. You can learn how to book your own etihad first class trip here. Use your miles for travel on american airlines, american eagle, one world airlines and partner airlines on flights to nearly 1,000 destinations worldwide. You can use korean skypass miles easily transferred from chase at a 1. American airlines makes booking etihad particularly the apartment on jfk to auh more challenging than some of its other partners. There are some important things to consider about using aa miles for etihad awards.

As with many pointsmiles things, you just have to be willing to take action. Although american airlines recently devalued its award chart, the amount of miles needed is still quite reasonable for the amazing first class experience you will get in return. This means that you can use american aadvantage miles to book award tickets on etihad. Join today and receive 500 bonus miles on your first flight. Any days that show guest first seats available at 85,156 etihad miles are a380 first apartment seats at the lowest award level. A guide to using american airlines aadvantage miles on. Using american aadvantage miles to fly etihads apartment. Below is the seoul icn to abu dhabi auh route in which you can book an apartment for 50,000 american aadvantage miles. Best ways to book etihad first class using points 2020. Etihad is an airline partner of american airlines, which means you can redeem your american airlines miles for travel on the etihad apartment. I recently had my first chance to fly one of the most luxurious first class products in the world. Since etihad is not a oneworld airlines, and it is not a us airways partner, us airways miles cannot be used to book etihad flights. The best award redemptions with aa arent completed on, but rather over the phone. A one way flight between abu dhabi and india will cost you 35,000 aadvantage miles, and between australia and india via abu dhabi60,000 miles remember that as far as aa is concerned, middle east and india belong to the same region.

American airlines aadvantage american airlines miles can also be a great way to book first class on etihad. Booking the etihad apartment from australia to abu dhabi. Im writing this post because this week i was lucky enough to find award availability for a etihad first apartment on their a380 flight from abu dhabi to new york in october. The airline has a ton of great partner airlines that you can fly using those aa miles. How to easily get the miles for the etihad apartment with two credit cards. Etihads partners are only able to book an award seat if etihad releases guestseat award space. If you are completely new to miles or if the guide sounds like jargon to you, i highly suggest you start here the etihad apartment is currently the indisputable king of first class products. Travelsort reader sam writes i noticed that etihad now appears as an option when doing certain aadvantage award searches, but when i try to view etihad first class or etihad business class award space, theres noneonly economy awards. The following is a rough guide on how to book the etihad apartment with miles. How to use miles to fly etihads first class apartment. December 2014, eithad airways launched the etihad first class apartments.

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